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Dear DC Comic Lovers,

They say a comic book nerd never moves on.

Tell me about it.

The minute I set eyes on my first Batman comic in 2nd grade, I knew I was DC’s forever. And now they’ve gone and ensured I never have a moment of free time again.

They’ve made an MMO.

Playing as your favourite DC heroes and villains? Seriously? How can you not …

So, when I got my hands on DC Universe Online and started playing the hottest new MMO of the year, I knew people would be BEGGING for help levelling up, kicking some PvP butt, and dominating in a game unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Before we get there, I want to tell you…

"To Dominate in an MMO, You Need to Think Like a Winner, and Take Out Anyone Who Gets in Your Way"

  • No Endless Hours Farming for Gear or Currency
  • No Sitting Around Waiting for Your Buddies to Catch Up
  • No Struggling through Quests for Days
  • No Getting Your ASS Handed to You in PvP

It’s not as hard as it looks. DCU Online dominance is possible and I’m about to show you how.
In fact, you already have everything you need.

You’re not some punk without a clue how to play an MMO. You’re here, reading this, and you know there’s something else out there.

You’ve played other MMOs and know what you’re missing.

You know the stupid mistakes other players are going to make when you take them on.

Heck, everyone thinks they are a pro in games like this. They like to saunter around telling you “It’s okay, newbie, I’ll show you how.” Why can’t that be you?

It can and the tips they try to dump on you are NOT always the best.

I know because I’ve been there. I’ve been the tip receiver and the tip giver and in both cases not everyone went home happy.

So, when I picked up DC Universe Online for the first time and saw what other players were telling each other and how they were approaching their characters, I knew something had to change.

So, you need to ask yourself right now these two questions.

  • Do I want to be more than just another player?
  • Can I change my outlook and believe I’m capable of kicking ANYONE’s butt in DCU Online?

If you answered yes to both, let me show you how you’re about to overhaul your game playing instantly, for the rest of your life.

12 hours a day of playing your Hero or Villain only to find your buddies light years ahead of you without blinking an eye…

No More.

Spending your Friday and Saturday nights farming for cash or killing the same damn mobs over and over again.

No More.

Practically begging your friends to wait for you or at least help you catch up to them.

Not a Freaking Chance!

And I’m about to show you how.

The time to worry about what comes next or what you’ll do when it comes is over. It’s time to take action and I have what you need to….

Be The Kind of Superstar, Speed Levelling, Mega Rich Player You’ve Always Dreamed Of, Letting Others Look Up to You

It’s not that hard to imagine, is it? Being the first on your server to hit the level cap….lending money to other players when they need a gear upgrade…turning down requests for help because you’re just too in demand.

Ah, the sweet life.

And this isn’t just another empty promise. I’ve seen what other people do. I’ve read the fake as heck claims that other gamers try to throw at you when they think they've figured out the system "once and for all".

I know for a fact that you’re not going to fall for a trick like that because you’re about to learn exactly why DC Universe Online Secrets has to offer every step of the way.



In DCUO Secrets Member's Area..
You're Going to Discover:

nWalkthrough of Mentor Missions from Level 1 to the Top with Updates Regularly.
nLearn Which Powers Are Best, Which Weapons to Use and How to Dominate with ALL OF THEM.
nBecome the best player on your server, dominating the Justice League or Legion of Doom with ease.
nMaster insider secrets to solo play dominance in no time flat.
nBuild the perfect group to combat your opponents on the open field or in close PvP.
nDestroy end-game bosses with perfect control of your new hero or villain.
nPut your skill points in the right place every time with expert advice.
nNever Risk Your Account to the Banhammer with these 100% Legal Tips
nDon’t waste time stumbling through quest chains with this insider look at how to reach the level cap.
nDestroy PvP opponents without thinking twice – be the best with the world’s greatest tips.
n PC or PS3 – you’ll get the strategies you need to DOMINATE in this game from the first step on.
n Find the best abilities, combos and Super Hero/Villain destruction tips in the game without breaking a sweat.
n Pick the best possible weapons and items for your villain or hero and KNOW that you will dominate with ease.
nUpdates for the Life of the Guide – New Content is Delivered to You for FREE



Need More Proof? Check This Out!

Getting to the top of a new MMO is NOT easy. There are people everywhere trying to stop you, block you, and keep you from doing ANYTHING in the game.

I’m not those people. In fact, last I checked, those people are trying to track me down and SHUT DOWN this guide because they know I’m unleashing secrets on the world that will make their jobs so much harder.

They can’t dominate the servers when the little guy has their handbook. Now is the time to finally rise up and show the server hogs what they can do with their elite characters as you surpass them all and once and for all take on the utmost position in the game.

Don’t let all those fools with power levelling and gold selling sites trick you either. They’re going to tell you that you can get to the Level cap in minutes without spending any time, just cold hard cash. But it adds up and if you need gold…well, be prepared to open that wallet a little wider.

... Not to mention risking your account getting banned.

Don’t get yourself tossed in the garbage heap by players at the top.

Be the best. Be the one dominating your server and showing them how the game is played.


The Tony Sanders Guarantee


Not sure DCU Online secrets has what you need to be the best? I’m so sure that this guide is going blow you away at every freaking page that I’m going to give you a 100%, money back guarantee right now.

If you buy DCU Online Secrets and anytime next 60 days think, “meh, I don’t want this” send it back to me and I’ll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Just try to do that with a book at Barnes and Noble or a DVD. They’ll laugh you out of the store. I won’t even ask you why. You could decide you didn’t like the font I used and it doesn’t matter – you’ll get every penny you spent back, no questions asked.

That’s the Tony Sanders guarantee.



“Having Played Almost Every MMO Out There and Being Caught Up By More than a Handful of Crappy Guides, I Know What You REALLY Want Out of Your Strategy Guides…”

This is the chance you’ve been waiting for. You waited months to get your hands on DC Universe Online and take on the role of an up and coming hero or villain in the DC Universe. You trudged through betas, waited in the cold to buy your game and stumbled through the first few levels.

NOW is the time to get the tips you’ve been looking for and finally dominate the game you’ve fallen in love with.

No more 12 hour grind fests.

No more 0-20 losing streaks in PvP.

No more getting stomped on in chat by elite players with a chip on their shoulder.

Just the best strategies, hottest tips, and the only way to reach the level cap with cash to spare and a big smile on your face.

It’s yours now for $37. Not the $77 as we usually planned. Just $37, but you can guarantee that price won’t last for long. With the gurus out there breathing down my neck and the strategies growing by the hour, I can’t keep this price in place forever.

You need to act now or forever hold your peace because at any time the price could jump back to its normal retail value or worse yet it might not even be for sale any longer.

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Rooting for You,

Tony "T Dub" Sanders

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